Disclaimer: This is a preorder, and orders will close on June 17th, 2022. It'll ship 4-6 weeks after that date. It also may look slightly different... but it'll still be a badass merch bundle.


STOP - this page is only for true Keystones fans. Alright, now that we got all the heretics outta here.....


This merch bundle has it all - both new tees, our dad hat, and our physical CD. It's practically enough to constitute a full wardrobe, if you're not one of those pants wearing types! Buy this bundle, and you'll have everything you need to rock with The Keystones boys... in style.


*Merch bundle includes the ringer tee, "I like The Keystones" tee, dad hat, and our EP CD.

The Keystones Merch Bundle - 2 Tees, Dad Hat, and CD